Best adventure activities, Uae: Desert sailing, sandboarding, skydiving and even more


On Tuesday nights, there aren’t any cars allowed over the Yas Marina Circuit. Photo: Supplied


Who needs water to learn at as a yachtsman? For the Qasr Al Sarab?Resort deep during the Abu Dhabi desert, you’ll be able to sign up for specially converted sail karts.?To help,?position the sail inside the right position for the wind to drive a car the kart. See


To tackle the dunes with a small more grunt, create a Toyota LandCruiser with the experienced driver and prepare to be flung in all places. Numerous companies C including Dubai Dune Bashing C?offer such rollercoaster rides, pulling off spins inside sand and precarious plunges about the dunes for that benefit to slightly queasy passengers. See

To tackle the dunes with a bit of more grunt, inside of a Toyota LandCruiser. Photo: Supplied


Another staple of desert tours, as sold by Viator and many others, is clambering at a camel and riding in the sands. The camels are obstinate beasts C they always love to be put into precisely the same order, and when understand a route they’re quite happy to do that every day as opposed to deviate. Expect a few lurchy bumps, when the camel rises for your feet then crouches again, but a huge feeling of to be a desert adventurer. See


Al Ain C a 90-minute drive from Abu Dhabi and Dubai C is optimistically referred to as UAE’s garden city. It is usually discover our planet’s most unlikely river rafting and kayaking facility. Challenging of Wadi Adventure’s three man-made courses involves grade IV rapids, as well as an almost constant buffeting. The technicality is adequate for Olympian kayakers in working order as the winter training base. See


Only in Dubai could you understand how to dive inside the mall C but Arabian Adventures requires beginners on the Dubai Mall for that go among the sharks. Somewhat less wacky is a beginners diving holiday to Jebel Ali, where warm, calm waters are suitable for starting the game (albeit without far too much in terms of underwater eye candy). See


Just off Abu Dhabi’s main island is a?large?patch of ecologically vital mangroves, which can be cut through by a number of channels and ripe for exploring within a kayak. Sea Hawk Aquatic sports takes paddlers, whether beginners or experienced,?on guided tours. The guides want to indicate the wildlife,?from?graceful white herons to?legions of scuttling mangrove crabs. See?

Sea Hawk Aquatic adventures takes paddlers, whether beginners or experienced, on guided tours. Photo: Jonathan Gibbons Photography


Arabian Adventures also runs a morning dune drive tour which combines four-wheel-driving above the golden sand banks with sandboarding. For any uninitiated, this ?is actually snowboarding or sledging (depending on how outlandish you experience together with the stance), but down a big sand dune. You’ll pick-up speed rapidly dropping, then curse every step of the strength-sapping hike back up. See


It’s often challenging to get to grips with Dubai’s extraordinary skyline and palm-shaped reclaimed land megafeatures in the ground. However, when you’ve stopped screaming within the freefall stage, a tandem skydive can be a marvellous method to take things in properly from above. Skydive Dubai will happily strap one to somebody that knows what they’re doing, then give you plummeting to earth. See

David Whitley had been a guest on the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority; see

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